One day I asked my husband if a man marries a woman who cooks, clean, take care of his home, has his children and is very classy when out in public. Why does he go out and get some trick in the street that he screws all the time? But will never get caught with […]

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Sometimes when I have settled down, put away distractions, and really listen to the silence. I think of you, I think of the things we never got to do. I think about how ignorant I was to everything that occurred that day. If I was smarter I would have went to the doctor and saved […]

As she sat there and thought she could not believe that he insulted her before she could even sit down by stating that the outfit she was wearing was to urban for his taste. She was taken back, “What you mean urban? This a traditional wrap skirt from one of the many countries in Africa. […]

I want to tell you all the things you need to know about everything that you will ever do or encounter but I cannot. All I can do is prepare you the best I can. I cannot stop your first broken heart. The first time you realize everyone lies or even your first betrayal by […]