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What Does Welfare Really Look Like?

When you think welfare, I assume you imagine this. OR maybe even this But in actuality welfare has many faces and colors. I do agree there are some people who do not Deserve welfare because they are of able body and mind, to find a job and work. But I believe that is very unfair […]

Ratchet Music

Okay I have a confession…. I love ratchet music, I know that is degrading to women, but I love the beats that back up those explicit lyrics. I guess you can say it started with the Uncle Luke Booty Bass Mix era. A lot of people who grew up in I would say not so […]

Live Like Your Life Depends On It

Live Like Your Life Depends On It.

Must Be

Last night I took more pills than listed on the back of the bottle. Basically I tried to commit suicide. I prayed to the Lord “If I wake up in the morning I have a purpose in this world.” I am here and I guess I have a purpose in this world. Don’t know what […]


Why couldn’t’ t this be me? I am married and in a committed relationship and has been for 9 years. I am normally happy for people that have something great happen in their life. But for some strange reason I am not the least bit excited sad, pissed, angry and jealous. This is not like […]

Music to me

Only music can make me rise out of my grave and do a sexy burlesque chair dance around my tombstone or even do a Mission Impossible inside my bosses house and set cheery bombs off in the attic. Music turns these crazy emotions into a understandable piece of writing. When I am feeling like I […]

Nothing Good To Blog About

Trying to find something to write about sometimes is worse than having a cold in the summer while in the desert. You are all stuffy with these ideas, but you are unable to put them to paper. Every night when I lay my head on the pillow I have all these great and wonderful topics […]