Blatant Disrespect

You have repeatedly blatantly disrespected my emotions and feelings. Repetitively disregarded any views or opinions I may have posed during that point and time. Ridiculed any plans I may create, Relentlessly put my self- assurance in peril and made me undergo inadequate and incompetent moods on a day to day basis. But today I take NO MORE!!! I unquestionably stand my ground and compel that my voice be made aware. No longer will I be a jester in your court or a rug on your hallway floor. Today is the day. NO Longer will I listen to your past indiscretions, undisclosed truths, innermost uncertainties, aspirations or desires. I will keep all DIALOUGE to myself, not even a INDIRECT glance. Today I am concluding this COMARADERIE. So in my concluding ADIEU, I bid you a SOLEMN…… FUCK YOU!!!!!


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