4 Team Building Games (To Confuse And Anger Children)

This is just funny and eye opening

Daniel is funny

Children aren’t even fully formed versions of themselves, so to expect them to work perfectly as a team is a fool’s gamble. Watching any number of seven-year-olds attempt to create a cohesive group is like dropping a bunch of octopi into a bucket of scrap metal and hoping that they think progressively enough to build you a new computer. All you end up with is a wriggling, disorganized mess, and probably one or two less octopi/children.

I work with kids, and I stay away from any sort of team building activity. It’s not because the kids certainly can’t do it – I’ve seen children accomplish all of the activities below. It’s that, in a great number of the times I’ve tried it, I end up with opposite of the intended effect happening. When it comes to teaching kids how to work together as a unit, I just stick with dodgeball…

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