Just Because I Am a Felon I Get No Assistance

Bobbi Thompson is a 36-year old woman, who used to work at Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, also known as MAWSS. She was self-employed as a Landscape Developer and Interior Decorator. She is single with no children. Bobbi used to make $70,000 a year. She was always afraid to report her second income out of fear of paying taxes, for not having any dependents. Every year when Bobbi goes to her friend Jessica, who is a Certified Personal Accountant, to have her Federal Taxes prepared; Jessica would remind Bobbi to report her second income earnings. Jessica should have taken the liberty and reported the earnings, but she was trying to be a good friend. Five years passes, with Bobbi still not reporting her second earnings. One day Bobbi receives a letter in the mail addressed from Agent Jeffery Stacks Internal Revenue Department. Asking Bobbi to provide bank statements, Federal Tax Returns from the past five years and her three most recent check stubs.

Once she collected all the information, she made an appointment with Jeffery Stacks to go over the information provided. Once Jeffery started looking over her information he noticed a $20,000 difference between her Tax Returns and her bank account. Jeffery calculated a couple of numbers and asked Bobbi “Where does the additional income come from?” She told him, “She is self-employed and she forgets to file her second income.”Jeffery explains to Bobbi, this is known as Tax Evasion and she will receive consequences. Bobbi was made to pay $100,000 for every year she failed to file her additional income. She has to pay back taxes for that past five years, which gains interest daily, and would receive the title of Felon. Bobbi was devastated, to make matter worse her company went bankrupt and she was laid off due to downsizing at MAWSS. Bobbi is now unable to provide the lavish lifestyle she once possessed. Unsuccessfulness of reporting all profitable income to the Federal Government, could result in fines, penalties or jail time, and in turn effect someone way of living.

In the story above about Bobbi Thompson, not only did she have to pay the fines and be given the title Felon. She lost her basic rights to any government assistance, such as Food Stamps, Section 8 or HUD Housing, the right to vote and carry a firearm. It is a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that someone cannot receive Food Stamps or proper housing because they have a Felony. Taking away the right to vote or even to bear arms is one thing, but to let someone be homeless or hungry is downright unacceptable. The law states citizens whom make profitable income must report his or her earnings to the Federal Government, whoever does not comply will face legal action. This law does not say anything about letting the citizen die from hunger or having nowhere to stay. Darn, even jail offers three meals a day and somewhere to lay your head, this law should be amended. Today Bobbi lives with her sister and her brother-in-law. She works at Cato’s Fashions, trying her best to make a suitable income. She continues to look for a better paying job, but many people do not hire Felons.

I believe that Americans should have a tax course in high school. Just to inform them of consequences of illegal actions but mostly over all to let them know what is right and what is wrong. Even if someone did commit tax invasion or fraud they may not know and when they tell someone that they were not aware, the government does not believe them. It is a shame if you ask me. But the felonies that are committed are not just for people who break tax laws, it also people who break laws for murder and drugs. The amount of felons that are not able to live a normal life with a stable job to make a decent income are outstanding. This makes the felons go out and commit more crimes just to make a living, which is why we have repeat offenders. Does our society even want these people to live a normal life? Is this a plan on a grander scale to lower the population? Is this a part of the illuminati? Or is it just a damn shame? We may never know, only time will tell.
What does this say about our society? To me it sounds like they are trying to kill us slowly by making us kill ourselves.


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