The Sadness Of Flo Rida: Part 3

Daniel is funny

What is a man?

Is it a being of flesh and blood?

Is it a state, a collection of ideas and themes?

Or is it a Club, a single mission, a single party, a single purpose?

These are questions that we have to consider when discussing the works of Mr. Flo Rida who, beneath a champagne-swilling, girl-gazing exterior, hides a hurt soul, torn between humanity and the Club. In the first Sadness of Flo, I discovered these tendencies toward depression. In the second, it became clear that, in an effort to curb his spiraling tendencies, Flo had become more than just a rapper, he had become the Club incarnate.

Now, more than a year later, we take another look at Flo. Where is he mentally? Has his spirit improved? Is he close to becoming the man he deserves to be, or has he digressed further?

flo rida wild ones

“Wild Ones”


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