How I Really Feel

This something I wrote a while back, telling that special someone how I felt.

When I had the chance to be with you, I ignored the fact that deep inside I wanted you.
Being so young and o so scared, I really don’t think I was well prepared.
To be loved by you unconditionally, and be taken care of mentally.
Now I sit back and think on what could have been, it is now too late, because I picked my life and all you could say was GOODBYE and that was the end.
We met up again and the feelings I had inside stood tall this time and was not shamed or to proud, but open to your love and your amazing grace.
We shared some moments in time that will never be erased. I know it is too late to be sitting here and thinking about the past, but in my heart I wanted the thing between you and I to last past one month and one year, but I want it to be forever and full of cheer.
I know it’s my fault and I know I am wrong for bringing up these feelings when you have moved on.
I know in my heart if it is meant to be we will be with each other with no strings attached, because all this time you had my heart with no questions asked.


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