Nothing Good To Blog About

Trying to find something to write about sometimes is worse than having a cold in the summer while in the desert. You are all stuffy with these ideas, but you are unable to put them to paper. Every night when I lay my head

on the pillow I have all these great and wonderful topics to talk about. How great music seems to be intertwined with the use of hardcore drugs or would I rather my child masturbate than have sex at an early age. Great

topics I know, I even started researching information for a Mental Health Piece, but I cannot force myself to start brainstorming of how I want the article to go. I wanted to be a journalist exposing the truth behind the closed

doors of the world. But, I see that I am only talking about personal experiences and things that roll off top of my head in the middle of day dreaming. I want to talk about the mainstream news, but so many people are

already doing that, and I do not want to “beat the dead horse”. So, as of right now I am not accomplishing my goal as being a journalist exposing the secrets of the world, but more of a creative writer that just talks about how

Dr.Seuss has been a great influence in this gray and undistinguishable thing I call life. Like right now as I type, I see to the left of me a girl who plays basketball. Now, if I was closed minded and stereotyped very often, I

would assume she is gay, by her pulled back ponytail extra large basketball shorts and her limited edition Jordan’s. But I did not, looking over again I see her looking at an article that says, “Transgender Is No Longer A Disability”.

Okay maybe in this scenario I could have been right, but I am still not one for assuming. After all I love the LGBT community and will support them anyway possible even if I am heterosexual and married, hey every once in a

While I have a bisexual moment, you know looking at a girl and saying, “Damn I would love to slap that ass”, I am pretty sure every woman has thought about it, but to ashamed to admit the truth. Hell sitting here that could be

A good blog piece or maybe I can talk about the segregation in the black community. That shit is real you know. Oh, I know I can talk about the fact that I have to pee and I really want a big ass steak. Oh, well I guess I have

Nothing good to say today, so until next time…… Doritos and Coke.


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