Music to me

Only music can make me rise out of my grave and do a sexy burlesque chair dance around my tombstone or even do a Mission Impossible inside my bosses house and set cheery bombs off in the attic.

Music turns these crazy emotions into a understandable piece of writing. When I am feeling like I want to scribble on the walls, cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors (Miranda Lambert Lyrics) or even scream his name until the neighbor call the cops (another Miranda Lambert lyric), music helps me sort all these things out so I do not end up spending the night in Metro Jail.

When some people are thinking about their loved ones, I think of music and it gives me those Goosebumps you feel when a man run his hands down the back of my neck.

When I get a check for a $1,000 in the mail, I know music will not ask for a cut.
When I do not feel like talking, music will read my mind, answer all my questions, and erase my insecurities.

Music is my savor
Music is my happiness

Music speaks to me.


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