Ratchet Music

Okay I have a confession…. I love ratchet music, I know that is degrading to women, but I love the beats that back up those explicit lyrics. I guess you can say it started with the Uncle Luke Booty Bass Mix era. A lot of people who grew up in I would say not so nice neighborhoods, remember listening to Scarred (Cap D Coming). In the summer time with your Jellies and short shorts only if you are a little girl, now if you were older you working some daisy dukes and a long t-shirt that covers your shorts and make like you have nothing under. These songs just made us go into shake mode (pre-day twerking). When I became a teenager the songs I was listening to that was equivalent to that of Uncle Luke was Lil John, D4L, Boosie, and some others I can not name right now.

I don’t believe a man should disrespect a woman. Hell, I do not even respond to cat calls or whistling. But there is something about that music that makes me want to be down and show more skin than normal. I have no problem with being naked actually, I would prefer to be naked all the time but the laws would not allow that where I live.

So when the lyrics say some ish like
“On the floor with the girl in the blue (yeah)
I got a pocket full of chance so what you gonna doTurn around and let me peek
And let’s play a little game of hide-and-seek
Show me now how to get into this
A twenty dollar bill that’s nice and crisp
What you gotta do: work
Shake it down and watch me go berserk
You know just what I’m talkin’ about
Pop that thing move it in and out (like that)Get on the stage and work that chap
And yo fellas where the booty at?”
Pasted from

I have the urge to just twerk, pop, lock, and drop it and I know that is not very becoming of a lady but hey what can I say, I am a freaky in between the sheets and not in the streets. It is just something about that bass line that make you not listen to the lyrics. But in the meantime, please forgive me for bending over and touching my toes and making my ass jump like popcorn in a bag.


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