What Does Welfare Really Look Like?

When you think welfare, I assume you imagine this.

ghetto welfare

OR maybe even this


But in actuality welfare has many faces and colors. I do agree there are some people who do not
Deserve welfare because they are of able body and mind, to find a job and work. But I believe that is very unfair
Judgmental, racist, and prejudice, to just assume that only black people receive welfare. That they do not Work and they have multiple children just to live off the system.

Most welfare recipients are white believe it or not. They live in rural areas and have no access to big cities to find work.
I understand people who live in these rural areas have an excuse for receiving the “Welfare Benefits”, but that does not
Excuse the stereotype that “Welfare Recipients” are black, teenage women with more than 5 kids. Welfare should only be given to people who need it and the government should do better investigation about the issue.

Really Welfare does not have a color it just have an economic class.
I will go more into this later, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.


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