What is God? (My Interpretation)

My husband and I were talking earlier and we started discussing God. Really we were talking about how can someone be an atheist? I could possibly understand when you look around and you see all the devastation and pain in the world. But, I still believe in all the pain and hurt there is a God.

To me God is when you have fallen on your knees and you do not know how you will get back up. But, when you look up and something pulls you up and help you remain strong to get to your next destination, to me that is God.

Maybe even when you are in an accident and you think about how worse off you could have been and you come out with a scratch, to me that is God.

I do not know if you feel this way about it, but when I talk about God and all the mercy he has shown me, I get the warm feeling inside and I feel like someone is holding me and comforting me.

I have known God all my life and I have had moments when I was mad at him for letting something happen; but, I remember God does not let things happen to you that you cannot handle.

I tried to commit suicide multiple times and each time when I wake up in the morning or something has interrupted my plans, I realized God has a purpose for me and I do not know what that purpose is, I just know, me killing myself is not it. I still have suicidal thoughts but I must know that God has plans for me.

Find out what God is to you. What he represents and what he has done for you.


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