Who Really Wins?

One day I asked my husband if a man marries a woman who cooks, clean, take care of his home, has his children and is very classy when out in public. Why does he go out and get some trick in the street that he screws all the time? But will never get caught with in public. Crazy part is Nine times out of ten he is not having sex with his wife.


I talked to my husband about this before, he told me because we are the wife’s and they do not want to disrespect us, so they just have the basic missionary sex position with us, while the trick in the street, get to ride, reverse cow girl and doggy. This is messed up on so many levels.

So, my question is who really wins? Is it the woman at home who gets the house, nice things, but no physical loving. Or, the trick who gets money, good sex, but do not get to spend the holiday with him or even be seen in public with him.

The answer my husband and one of my great friends gave me is NO ONE. The wife does not win because she is not getting her husband all to herself. The husband does not because he has to listen to the wife ask him constantly, “Do you find me attractive”? Or dealing with the side piece acting hurt because she knew when you two first started out you were married and you had no intention of leaving your wife.
Not even the side piece, because she will never have the house that your wife have or the memories you create with your children.

Johnny Deep on Cheating

Now like almost everything in the world there are exceptions to the rule. If the man is rich, smart and sophisticated enough he can have both women believing they are the only one and he only have eyes for them.

The other woman could win, by blackmailing the man.

The wife could request a certain amount of money from him to stay and keep his reputation in tact.

The man could not just cheat and remain faithful. I know in my heart there are still faithful men out there. Even though the father figures in my life(uncle and father) were not faithful and my uncle is still not faithful, but they continued to care for the home front and showed me how I should be treated as a woman.

My dad moved me and my mom out of a bad neighborhood and made sure that I had everything I needed. But he had another woman and taking care of her children as well. I did not know this until my mother mentioned it and put him out in the middle of the night. But, I still loved my dad even though he emotionally hurt my mother. They still talk every other day and he never once abandoned me in my time of need.


My uncle believes as long as he take care of his home and the people there, he can do whatever he likes. He is very aggressive so his women on the side know not to say anything to his wife(he is now divorced and still hawks on how he will never find anything like his first wife). Now he did date one woman that caught on to his games and broke it off with him while he was trying to force her to divorce her husband (they were only separated at the time). Good thing she did not because she would be sharing her man with another woman (she was victim to the childish games mentioned later in the paragraph). Even though he is aggressive, the woman he has now, still play childish ass kid games. She used to ride pass his house (until she moved in), call the other woman and hang up the phone. All this shit was childish as hell and she should have been ashamed. He stills steps out on the regular, spend time with his ex wife on Christmas and buys her gifts, because he misses her.

Hell, even my father-in-law got another woman pregnant while my mother-in-law was pregnant with my husband. He has recently found religion and changed the way he used to live but in the past he was a whore like my dad and uncle.


I know I should be skeptical about men being faithful, but I still believe there is good in everyone.

But back to the original question, Who Really Wins? I guess it depends on how you look at it.

price of infidelity
If you cannot tell your wife/girlfriend about your new friend, I am pretty sure infidelity will soon follow.



  1. An interesting post but I would put aside your skepticism of men , they are after all cheating with other women most of which have also got a partner and family at home , your male role models have not been the best it would appear but we are not all bad

    1. I don’t believe every man cheats at all, if anything 60% of the time they are the victim of a cheating wife.

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