The Thirst Is Real…. Seriously

Okay, there is a guy I went to High School with and was one of my husbands friends in the past. Now some years later, he has not spoken to my husband and is my friend on Facebook. Recently, this boy has messaged me on Facebook and the person I am started a conversation, trying to be nice.

1 hour later….

He is talking about sex, all kinds of sex but mostly oral and how he Jamaican and women in our city cannot handle his tongue action. Also, how he needs a woman that can hold him down. Mind you, he knows I am married with children. I change conversation and ask about life goals and dreams. He still brings up sex, I stop texting him for the day and tell my husband. My husband is not worried because he know I will not cheat on him, especially with someone who looks like a rat.

2 Days later
This negro proceeds to tell me that he like to please married women who are not getting treated right by their husband. He believes a man should eat his woman out while she is sleeping to ensure her that she is still wanted and he knows how to put it down. Why the fuck is this man telling me this? I once again do not want his rat looking ass.

4 days later…. (06/04/2013)

This rat bastard has texted me at 9:00 at night saying he finally got him so p***y and that he has a day off and tomorrow he has the house to himself. Why the fuck is he telling me this? I do not want to sleep with you. Conversation continues he sends, “If sum body wanna cum over that will be nice.” I ask come over and do what, he says, “To be honest it really don’t matter I have nun thing but movie game or pool table.” I say, “hmm never played pool before”, he says, ” I played strip pool also sex pool.” I say nothing at that point, then he sends this shit….. “Well 2mar I’m lay in this bed I hope I can find sum to cum lay up with me and watch tv with a ni***”. The thought in my head is you know I am fucking married with kids and you still insist on getting my panties. Am I a trophy or some shit? Do you get a badge for screwing me. If so you will not be hitting, licking, touching or screwing this woman.
The thirst is real people, men cannot find a woman of their own and so they are willing to try and seduce a married woman. Well if her ass falls for it, she deserves what she gets.

But, do not fret my readers I have told my husband and I am very curious what will happen when he gets off work at 6:30 in the morning, tired from all night working.


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