Breakup With A Friend

I am writing this letter to inform you that I can no longer be your friend. We have grown apart and we do not share the same moral values or ideas of how we should live our life and raise our children. I know I have done some things that were not morally correct, but I repent, pray and never done those things again. So, if you want to throw shit back in my face you cannot, because I know what I have done wrong. In a nut shell we have just outgrown each other. My life was not perfect before you came along and I give it to you, you took my mind off one problem only to redirect it to your ass. You make my damn eye twitch and that is a serious matter. No matter how much you try and deny it, but you use people and that shit is not cool. I am not into raising grown people. You cannot have your way so you get super pissed and want to snap at the world, fuck that shit. You ask for advice, only not to follow it, fuck that shit. You are overemotional and that shit is not cool. Basically, everything about you pisses me off and I chose myself over our friendship. You only contact me, when you need me to do something for you. But, when I want to kick it and actually talk about problems you rarely listen and your ass is too busy trying to eat or fuck something. So, fuck that shit. When I finally tell your ass “no I cannot”, do something, you never respond or even say, “I understand”, so fuck that shit, your family is very correct, you use people but I am not worried Karma is a bitch and double edge sword. So, until you can get your shit together, lose my motherfucking number. This friendship is null and void and if you try and contact me, you will get a stiff cursing out or a middle finger.

asshole friend


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