Complaining Too Much.

For one month I wish I could turn off my complaining for my husband. He does not deserve to hear me always complain over stupid petty shit like, I hate washing dishes, I wish I had this, I wish I did that, blah, blah and blah. He works I do not. I have not worked in one year and I have been looking for a job since I quit my job to finish my degree. I did finish my first degree but I have not found a job and I feel horrible. I wish I could stop complaining, be ready for sex when he’s ready, cook, clean, and do everything he wants with a smile on my face and no words coming out my mouth. But, I am human and there is always tomorrow to give it a try. I need a switch to turn my complaining sector off. But would he still want me then. I know he always feel like he cannot do anything right, but in actuality he does everything right I just need to stop complaining and enjoy. Man I am such a horrible wife… But, if I was a horrible wife I am pretty sure he would leave my ass 4 years ago. I need to get out more, my mind is trying to trick me.


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