I Guess We Cannot contract Diseases So Let’s Just Have Unprotected Sex With One Another.

>stds use a condom

I am not picking on anyone and I am not saying everyone does this. But, for some strange reason when I talk to some people my age these dumb ass idiots be talking about they love fucking without a condom or even asking to see the other persons test results ,like everything can show up on a test anyway, but it’s still the principle of the matter. But seriously I cannot even just blame the men in these situations; the women are very much to blame as well. I just think some people have forgotten about HIV/AIDS and STDS in this world today. Did these people not learn anything in Health Education? I don’t think so, these folks acting like Eazy- E in this piece.

For example my damn brother in law has four children and does not believe in wearing condoms. He already owe back child support, shit will be crazy if his ass catch a damn STD to go along with those late payments. Now, he is not the only man or woman out there swimming in anyone’s water. I have another friend who has been in a committed relationship for the past 3 years, and she has started messing with one of her old crushes and she has admitted they never used condoms while on one of their encounters and he has ejaculated in her while experiencing one of their late night in the park booty calls. I don’t judge that is one of my great qualities, I guess that comes from me being a Sagittarius. But, I could not help but think what if she would have gotten pregnant? From what she told me she does not take birth control because it makes her fat. She has one little boy and she does have sex often with her partner, but seriously she sneaks off with her crush 3 times a week and have sex with her partner maybe once a week because he works late night and she work days. So, if she did become pregnant, it would be very hard to convince her partner that child is his. But, this is not about her becoming pregnant this is about her contracting a STD or even more dreaded, HIV and AIDS. This man will have sex with her while she is menstruating, he must really trust her or he just nasty as hell.

There is a major difference in AIDS and HIV so the people that are running around thinking they are the same are WRONG but it is very deadly to catch either one. So WRAP THE FUCK UP.

AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is caused by contracting HIV, which means that you are more than likely going to die within 2 years if not treated. When AIDS were first discovered in the United States only homosexual men were infected and they died within 9 month of being diagnosed because they did not receive proper treatment. But with modern medicine and technology AIDS is no longer the death sentences. Now for everyone who keeps on saying that Magic Johnson has a cure for HIV/AIDS and that is why he is still big and healthy. I say bullshit, if anything he has money to afford a better medicine and keep a healthier diet. HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus; this means it compromises your immune system in fighting disease. You can live a long successful life if you take your medicine, exercise and maintain a healthy diet. When someone has HIV they must be very careful being around someone with a cold because that cold could cause them to get full blown AIDS. See, there is a difference between the two but very dangerous if you contracted either.

But back to the real question…. Why the Fuck is this younger generation sleeping with people without protection? But people not only just having intercourse with the male member entering the vagina. They getting their tongues involved with oral sex. Yes, licking, sucking and swallowing. I do not have a problem with oral sex, only when it’s a RANDOM ASS PERSON I MET IN THE BACK OF A CLUB BY THE NAME OF JJ OR JAMARCUS. Men coming up to women saying stupid shit like, “I don’t want to fuck, I just want to eat it”. Bitch back the fuck up away from me with that nasty shit before I kick you in your throat. I had a boy to actually tell me that after seeing my wedding set. Like eating isn’t cheating or some shit. When my black ass brings genital herpes back to my husband it would be a Crime of Passion Committed in Alabama. But this does not answer my question, why have sex or perform sexual acts without protection? Honestly, you cannot perform oral sex safely without having the other person tested. You could use a dental dam or plastic wrap but honestly that shit will not stay in place and you might poke a hole through it with your tongue. When my husband and I first started out having sex we used condoms every time, except one day we he was out and we really wanted to get it on, so he went and got a sandwich bag and needless to say, “Epic Fail”. We been having sex without a condom since, but in my defense I was on the BC patch and we were together 2 years before he even touched my juice box. But all this talking about sexual experiences and STDS still does not answer my question. The young of today could just be really fucking stupid and believe they are super human and that kind of stuff only happens to everyone but them

Who knows, I believe monogamy is a good thing and even if you do step out, swing, have an open marriage, make some kind of agreement with your sexual partners that you only sleep with select people, use protection when necessary and get tested regularly. Diseases don’t have a color, income or sexual preference. Also in line with STDS, unwanted pregnancies and even the baby can become infected with a disease and that is not fair to that child who is forced to try and fight a disease that could have been prevented with the use of condoms, monogamy and regular testing.

One in 5 people living with HIV in the U.S. don’t know they have it. You can help change this: spread the word about National HIV Testing Day on June 27


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