Let It Shatter

One day I want to go to a fine China shop and break everything. Why you may ask, to watch it shatter and as the ceramics, crystal and glass breaks. I want all my anger, doubts, fears, and hurt to shatter with it. To hold something precious in your hand and not trying to break it is like your own personal life. We spend our awaken moments and even some of our sleeping ones trying to keep our shit together. Practicing to remain what we know of as normal, upholding the definition of sane, and being productive to society by working a fucking job we cannot stand and paying bills on unnecessary shit we have brought hoping to fill a void in our short, taken for granted never happy lives. I have spent the last 5 months of my life trying to convince myself that I am okay, that I need to get over my miscarriage, my hurt, anger and questioning. Basically act like nothing has every happened, just like everyone around me do. So, why shouldn’t I join in with the denial? Which is no longer a river in Egypt, But running rampant through the entire fucking world. I am just ready to let it all shatter, millions of pieces of emotion. Just all over the floor and I do not want anyone to clean it up. I want it to sit there so I can constantly remember the day I let everything going.


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