Pure Love

pure love black

Today while in church I witnessed pure love and that made me think back to the first I you ever experienced pure love. You know that love that has no hidden agenda just loving you for you all that you are and not? I experienced it once when I was younger and it came from a child. Since I am married you probably say I should experience it all the time, but I am human and have doubts quite often. But I first experienced pure love when my nephew who is now 9 was 3 years old and I was crying. He walked up to me and said, “Why are you crying? Don’t cry it will be okay.” And he put his tiny little arm around me. At that moment I stopped crying, looked at him and felt pure love. Looking in his eyes I saw nothing but love and concern. Not that fake ass love you receive when people just being nosey or filled they are obligated to care.

In today’s time you don’t meet many people who only have pure love to give. They want something whether it is monetary or materialistic. They want something! Honestly most people are only in relationships because of necessity, lies and secrets. If people get a good deep dark secret on someone, they can hold the other person hostage for years. I am a survivor of that shit dealing with one of my ex-friends. She knew one of my deep dark secrets and she started to annoy me with her issues and she basically felt like I only belonged to her and that I should listen to her and do whatever she says. I wanted to end our relationship so bad, but I was afraid that my secret would get out. I started telling people close to me the information, so when I cursed my friend out she didn’t have any gas to throw on a fire to burn me. Ha ha ha, I am so glad that I told the people that mattered, because if they left me, they were never truly on my side any damn way. So, secrets do keep some relationships together, but not with me because I do not tell the secrets you told me. But, I will not be blackmailed into staying with your ass either because I am not telling you my secrets.
Oh, don’t forget about staying together just because that good ole, to save face in society bullshit. There are many fucked up relationships out there that people remain tide to, just to save face. Like that woman that has been married for 25 years and the husband has been cheating for 23 years out of the 25, has 5 kids and knows her husband is not loyal, yet she will not divorce nor leave because she is a upstanding citizen of the community, usher at the church and president of the PTA. For these poor women I feel really bad for them, but they may find their strength one day.

But there are quite a few people in this world that is not seeking self-satisfaction or self-gain, they just want pure love too, but like my daddy say, “Be aware of those lions, tigers, and bears.” They are everywhere, even in the least unexpected place, their lurking for prey.
But good luck searching for that pure love, I was blessed to feel it once. And I hope I experience it again before I leave this earth.


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