Uncle Tom

As she sat there and thought she could not believe that he insulted her before she could even sit down by stating that the outfit she was wearing was to urban for his taste. She was taken back, “What you mean urban? This a traditional wrap skirt from one of the many countries in Africa. Paired with a beautiful button down white shirt?” She just sat down and smiled away the anger but no matter how She tried to be interested in listening to him talk about himself, how much he grossed last year, the vacations homes he has throughout the world and the many vehicles he can drive on any given day. She could not find the strength to make he face display the intended emotion.Don’t get her wrong She was very impressed by the fact he did not have any kids, his credit was superb and he managed to pay his way through college working at a golf course.But It is very hard to look enthusied when another African American has been killed by racism and hatred in the country that is supposed to be for the free. Eventually, the speaking stopped and he sat their looking at her waiting for her to respond to all the information he just hurled at her. But the only thing she could muster up and say was, “What have you done for your community lately so we can see our youth stop raising the death toll in America?” He sat amazed with a look of ah on his face. She politely pulled out her chair placed her napkin on the table and proceded to walk off. As she strolled away from the table she spoke out, “Thanks for dinner Tom”. My name is not Tom yelled out Andre.


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