Everywhere yet nowhere

Bio: I am a ?? year old female, my name is Girl Jones but everyone calls me GiGi and I am a whole lotta woman. I am an American, but for paper sake I am African American (I have never set foot on the coast of Africa). So, technically I am an American, you do not see whites with the title White American or European American. Why should I have a title. I have one degree in Applied Science and I am currently working on my Bachelors in English Literature. I am writing this because I love to write, I am not a literary genius (but I would love to be some day), I make quiet a bit of grammar mistakes, but that does not detour me from writing. I wanted to tell the world about my thoughts and feelings on many subjects going on around us. I love to talk about the giant elephant in the room, the light behind the closed door and any other taboo subjects. Sex, religion, politics, family life, work life, undercover life, I want to talk about it all. Everything I will talk about or comment on I have experience with, I may have personal experiences or my friend have experienced it and I know the details and have interviewed them. I am very open minded, I do not judge because I have no heaven or hell to put you in. Plus we all got sins that we might go to hell for. I support the LGBT and Human Rights Campaign, and other humanity groups. I am not a vegetarian, I love my steaks to much,I have 4 pit bulls the oldest is a rescues. I also have a beautiful daughter that will be 1 November 1, 2014. I am very realistic person, but I do sometime believe things could have a fairy tale ending. I am the Publisher, creator writer, think tank of "The Proverbial Light Behind Closed Doors". Bringing things that people only want to discuss behind closed doors. Are you willing to accept the secrets behind the closed door?

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