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He Didn’t Mean To Do It, But Should I Wear Body Armor From Now ON?

I have been with my husband for 8 years and we have been married for 3. All the times I have made my husband mad, he has never physically retaliated against me. He normally punches the wall or throws something. But yesterday was something different, something I never expected, something a little freighting. When my […]

What Does Welfare Really Look Like?

When you think welfare, I assume you imagine this. OR maybe even this But in actuality welfare has many faces and colors. I do agree there are some people who do not Deserve welfare because they are of able body and mind, to find a job and work. But I believe that is very unfair […]

Just Because I Am a Felon I Get No Assistance

Bobbi Thompson is a 36-year old woman, who used to work at Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, also known as MAWSS. She was self-employed as a Landscape Developer and Interior Decorator. She is single with no children. Bobbi used to make $70,000 a year. She was always afraid to report her second income out […]


  Once there was a guy at Columbia University who was a year away from being a doctor. One night he decided to go to a bar on campus with a couple of friends. Thirty minutes at the bar, a beautiful brunette woman, with emerald green eyes approached him; he was instantly attracted to her. […]