Monthly Archives: June 2013

Let It Shatter

One day I want to go to a fine China shop and break everything. Why you may ask, to watch it shatter and as the ceramics, crystal and glass breaks. I want all my anger, doubts, fears, and hurt to shatter with it. To hold something precious in your hand and not trying to break […]

Pure Love

Today while in church I witnessed pure love and that made me think back to the first I you ever experienced pure love. You know that love that has no hidden agenda just loving you for you all that you are and not? I experienced it once when I was younger and it came from […]

I Guess We Cannot contract Diseases So Let’s Just Have Unprotected Sex With One Another.

> I am not picking on anyone and I am not saying everyone does this. But, for some strange reason when I talk to some people my age these dumb ass idiots be talking about they love fucking without a condom or even asking to see the other persons test results ,like everything can show […]

To The Men That Raised Me.

This is a something small I would like to write about my uncle and my father. The man I called daddy is not my real father he is the man that stepped into the position when the first man dropped the damn ball. My Biological father is a homosexual that wanted to try and pretend […]

Complaining Too Much.

For one month I wish I could turn off my complaining for my husband. He does not deserve to hear me always complain over stupid petty shit like, I hate washing dishes, I wish I had this, I wish I did that, blah, blah and blah. He works I do not. I have not worked […]

How I Know My Wife Married the “Wrong” Person

How I Know My Wife Married the "Wrong" Person.

I Realized

I believed I was going crazy, is crazy/insane but this conversation changed all that. One day recently my mother and I had words and I finally told her that: “We have nothing in common; You never tried to understand me; You act like I am the worse child every born to this planet; and all […]